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The Full Story

Shaft Build Construction Pte Ltd was formed in 1995 by a group of experts from different sectors of the construction industry. The consortium of these experts has brought their wealth of knowledge and professionalism together, and made the company versatile, to offer one stop service to cater to the different needs of the construction industry. The shareholders of this company are well experienced, with more than 20 years in the civil engineering field in Singapore.


The ambitions and goals of the company were quickly achieved, and its presence felt in the field of tunnels and shafts. The construction of multiple shafts of 10 at a times at MayBank HQ, Singapore, has brought out the in-depth knowledge of the experts. Successful completion of subsequent projects has established the company as a firm favourite in the construction industry.


We are now in a position to meet not only every need of the construction industry, but also to remove rock from under ground building areas. With different methods of rock removal at our disposal, we can effectively address every one of our client’s concern.


The company foresaw the need to provide specialized work to serve both the building, and civil engineering industry. Much of the strength of the company lies in the principle of “Hands on Approach” in solving construction difficulties and offering solutions to the satisfaction of our clients. As a specialist contractor, Shaft Build owns a range of assets and equipment to enhance the work performance and provide timely delivery of works.


Great emphasis is given on training and upgrading the skills of our own managers and crewmen. The benefit of constantly upgrading our skills is evident from the completion of various complex and challenging underground projects.


With the ever growing demand for land, and the limited availability of it in Singapore, the emphasis is on effectively utilizing the abundance of underground space. Thus we dedicate our self to the greater needs of Singapore.


We have expanded, since the inception of Shaft Build, to foundation works such as underpinning works and soil treatment.


In the growing market scenario, we have also expanded our activities to Malaysia and Indonesia, involving ourselves in the mining and quarry blasting, pipe jacking and shaft construction sector.


Our many clients, who have extended their support to us with repeated projects and referrals, is a testament to our commitment and capabilities

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